Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

Hiring Ann was the best decision I made throughout this application process. I wish I had hired her earlier. After taking the December LSAT I started working on my personal statement. I was basing the theme for it off a book I bought which included sample personal statements other people had submitted. I thought I was on the right track and this was going to be an amazing PS. My stepfather convinced me to hire a counselor to look it over. So, I researched law school counselors and came up with three choices.

I ended up choosing Ann because of her employment background. It was the best decision I ever made.

I contacted her through the website at 5 p.m. in mid-December and she called me back at 7 p.m. that night. I was shocked at her immediate response. We talked about what I needed for my applications and I hired her on the spot. The next day I sent her my PS, which I thought was great. When she sent it back 24 hours later, she had ripped it apart and told me to start all over. Ann pointed out some things she liked in my original PS and I started there.

After completing the second version, the difference between the two was like night and day. I know if I did not have Ann there to push me in the right direction I would have never written such a great PS. On top of that, she helped me customize my PS for each of the 11 schools I applied for.

Ann helped with every facet of my application from optional essays to my resume. After paralegal school, I thought my resume was good, but Ann and her team edited it for the better.  She suggested which schools, and how many schools, I should apply to. I ended up accepting an offer at one of the schools she suggested because I was waitlisted at my first choice.

Ann also reached out to me after my applications were done and submitted, just to check-in and see what else she could help with. I told her I was waitlisted at my number one choice. She helped with letters to the admission counsel regarding updates to my application package and thank you notes for visiting the campus. I ended up getting off the waitlist a week after the deposits were due. A big part of that was due to Ann’s help during the waitlist process. If it were not for Ann, I would have just sat around hoping to get off the waitlist and who knows if I would have.

At first, I bought the package that was just for the PS, but that was a mistake. Buying “The Works” is necessary because having Ann in your corner to ask questions to at any point is so helpful. She is there helping you until you have a final acceptance. On top of everything, her response time was amazing, even during the holidays. I would send her an email with an updated PS or resume and she would have it back in the morning.

When I first started applying, I had no idea how much planning and effort goes into a law school application package. I would not have been accepted to seven schools, and waitlisted at two, if it were not for Ann’s help. Thank you so much Ann for everything, you are amazing!