The Best Advice

Ann was my go-to person throughout the process of law school applications. Any time I had a question (no matter how trivial) I would frantically email her; she would respond within a few hours reassuring me with her comprehensive answers and suggestions.

After receiving an LSAT score that I was not completely happy with, Ann helped me draft a plan for getting into “reach” law schools that I thought were no longer attainable. She helped me draft multiple personal statements, and even helped me brainstorm when I was all out of ideas, ultimately resulting in a very original and effective essay that exponentially strengthened my application.

Ann also has the best tactics and advice in navigating law school wait lists, which was extremely helpful when I was wait listed at almost all of the law schools I wanted to attend. With Ann’s help, I was eventually accepted to several of these schools off their waiting lists. This fall, I am heading to one of my reach schools, which would not have been a possibility without Ann. Law school is a huge investment and the law school you go to can dramatically affect the outcome of your legal career. If you want to have the best prospects at getting into your top choice law school, invest in Ann! You won’t regret it!