Attending UVA with Below-Median LSAT

After hearing of Ann’s services from a co-worker, I immediately reached out to the Law School Expert and picked up a copy of her book The Law School Admission Game.

During our first conversation, we spoke about my goals for law school and beyond. I was a senior in college hoping to attend a top law school, and studying for the LSAT realized that I had very little knowledge about the rest of the application process. At the time, I was waiting to receive my second LSAT score.

When I received my results, I was incredibly disappointed. Despite diligent study for several months, I failed to crack the low 160s. Though my parents were initially skeptical of my plan to wait another year, I spoke with Ann and ultimately decided to retake the LSAT and wait another year before applying. Ann gave me great advice and helped me to prepare for my gap year.

Over the course of the next year, Ann helped me to polish my personal statement, essays, resume, and more. I had a general idea of what I wanted to write about, but I had very little experience writing about myself. Ann taught me how to discuss the best and most valuable aspects of my experiences. By giving me loads of helpful feedback about everything from essays to helping me create a personal timeline with specific goals, Ann helped to ensure that I would succeed in the application process. These milestones broke down what seemed like a colossal undertaking into a totally manageable step-by-step process.

After retaking the LSAT for the third time, I was still disappointed with my score, which was well below where I had been scoring on practice tests. But with Ann’s assistance, I could focus on maximizing my chances of admission by focusing on the other aspects of my application to make myself stand out. Ann gave constructive feedback on every aspect of my application, from my resume to my personal statement and supplemental materials. She even helped me to prepare for my Skype interview with the Dean of Admissions. She was always available to speak on the phone or over Skype, with extremely flexible hours to accommodate my work schedule.

Despite a disappointing third LSAT score which was well below the median, I was accepted to UVA. Thanks to Ann’s personalized and flexible advising, I will be attending my number one choice in the Fall! Thanks for all your help Ann!