Attending Georgetown Despite Low LSAT!

Dear Ann,

Before I came to you, I had been completely discouraged by the law school process. My pre-law advisor at BU asked me what I had been scoring on my LSAT when I practiced, and when I told him, he said it would not be good enough to apply to any of the schools I was thinking about applying to, and that I most likely would not get into my safety school. Due to some medical problems, I scored a lot lower on my LSAT than I expected, and began to panic. Many websites and blog posts stated how people with my LSAT score should not even attend law school. I found your site, and decided to contact you, and could not be happier with the results. You helped me plan out the entire process, which helped relax me and focus on applications. Even during your busiest time, you found time to speak with me over the phone, to reply to my emails very fast, and to turnover edits within a day or two. Not only did you make very great edits, but your edits and advice were a game changer for me. From my personal statement, to individual emails to each law school, everything was planned out and perfected. Due to your help, I was able to get off the waitlist at my dream law school. Thank you for helping me from August to May! I am so happy to say I will be attending the Georgetown University Law Center in the Fall, and would highly recommend your business to anyone I know applying to law school.