Attending a Top 5 School with Scholarship

Over the course of the two years that have been my law school application process, Ann took every possible opportunity to understand the reasons driving me to apply to law school and to become a lawyer. In times of overwhelming stress, uncertainty, career changes, and even illness, she protected and reminded me of those reasons, ensuring that every application I wrote aligned entirely with my values and sense of purpose.
When I started working with Ann, I was worried that my LSAT score would prevent me from attending a top-14 school. It was Ann who gave me the confidence to re-study for, re-take, and ultimately get the score that I know made a world of difference in my applications and in the scholarships I received. I applied to 13 of the top 14 law schools. I was accepted at 7, waitlisted at 4, and will be attending a top 5 law school with a 2/3 tuition scholarship. More than that, I am attending the school and joining a community that aligns best with the type of person and advocate I hope to become. I can’t imagine getting to this point and reaching this milestone in my life without Ann.