Confidence To Attack The Law School Admissions Game

If there is anybody out there contemplating using law school admission consulting should look no further than the Law School Expert services. My experience working with Ann was nothing short but amazing and worth every penny. She helped me discover and craft my personal application to every law school I decided to apply to. I did not have a high GPA or a stellar LSAT score the work with, but Ann did help me with what I had. Teaming up with Ann really gave me the confidence to strategize and really attack the “Law School Admissions Game.”

Quality service was definitely apparent with quick and detailed feedback from Ann. No question was too small for her and she gave plenty of valuable advice to the many law school topics such as how to approach law school fairs, campus visits, and getting off waitlists. Applying during a very unpredictable admissions cycle, I am very happy with my results with the Law School Expert services. I was able to be accepted off the waitlist to a top law school choice of mine and was offered a half tuition scholarship to another law school. Without Ann’s expertise and guidance to succeed, I don’t think I would be in the position that I am in. Again, I highly recommend Ann’s services to anyone looking for or on the fence in getting an advantage to the Law School Admissions Game. Thank you again Ann!