Ann’s Service is Absolutely Invaluable

As other testimonials have indicated, the decision to hire a consultant is a difficult one, and I was certainly reluctant to believe that a consulting service would be worth the price. However, having worked with Ann I can say that her service is not only worth the cost, it is absolutely invaluable.

Ann was prompt, professional, and courteous. Even more importantly, she is a true expert. Her advice was right on target: from choosing potential schools, to applications and essays, to mock interviews. Ann helped me tailor my application into a holistic representation of my strengths that was polished, professional, and EFFECTIVE.

I was admitted to nearly every school to which I applied, all of which were top programs. Ann also provides another benefit that I don’t think you can get any other way: confidence. Professors, classmates, and mentors are all useful resources when writing essays and completing applications, but they are not experts on the law school admission process. Ann is, and her endorsement on application materials before I submitted them was an enormous source of confidence and peace of mind.

For me this was perhaps the most significant benefit of Ann’s service. If you are serious about getting into the best law school possible, I can’t recommend Ann’s service highly enough. Thanks Ann!!