Ann’s Honesty and Kindness Were Key

Ann, thank you so much for not only helping me through a very stressful process but for always being available, kind, gracious and most importantly, HONEST with me about my progress and my weaknesses. You provided much insight into the admissions process and great feedback on my personal statement. However, what I will always remain most grateful for is your ability to calm down a most hysterical person.

I got accepted to a law school with an LSAT score 6 points BELOW their 25th percentile. Ann was extremely helpful not just with my personal statement, but also with my addenda and short essays. She responded to my emails within 24 hours, and sent me the final drafts of the essays very quickly. With her help, I submitted my applications very early in the process, which helped with my acceptances. She also provided great tips and advice before I had my interview with a law school. She told me what to do when I got waitlisted for one of my reach schools. Overall, my experience was great! Without her guidance, I am not sure if my file would be as strong!