Ann Was A Lifesaver

Second to a good GPA and LSAT score, working with Ann Levine is a must if you want to do everything you can to increase your chances at a top school. Rankings are (unfortunately) SO important for law school grads in this economy and I know I couldn’t put a price tag on a brighter future. Ann was a lifesaver for me. I came to her in August saying I wanted all my apps in by the third week of September and we made it happen! She made me a daily calendar of tasks and kept track of what stage I was at with each application.

She responded at all hours of the day and when she says she gives you unlimited, she REALLY means it (even when she’s on vacation). She helped me with all stages of the process: deciding which schools to apply to, gauging my chances at each school, helping with every step of writing the personal statement, checking each application for errors, and even helping to decide where to go in the end.

I’m personally results oriented so I’ll let these speak for themselves: I applied to 12 schools out of the top 20. I got accepted to 9 and wait-listed at 3 (including Stanford and Harvard). I ended up with no rejections and SEVERAL scholarship offers! I definitely couldn’t have done it without Ann! Trust my advice and work with her, there’s no chance you’ll regret it.