Ann Levine is Passionate and Dedicated

Ann was truly a pleasure to work with. She is passionate and dedicated to each and every student that seeks out her services no matter the situation they may be in. Ann worked with me every step of the way. She pushed me to make my applications better and taught me how to make them stand out, even with what other advisers would think are inherent weaknesses within them.

Ann tailored her work to my schedule and was even flexible enough to work with me on her vacation time and weekends. I cannot tell you how comforting it was to have her encouragement and expertise during the law school application process. I was accepted into four schools that might have turned me down (with some scholarship money) and am still on the waitlist at two reach schools that I would have had no chance at without Ann’s help.

I can promise, whether you are a new applicant or a transfer, you will not regret working with Ann.