Ann Helped Me Find My Top Law School

As an older, nontraditional applicant with three low LSAT scores, I knew I needed help during the admissions process. I “shopped around” and looked at a few other law school admissions consultants but decided that Ann would be my best fit as soon as I spoke with her. After my free consultation with Ann, I chose to run with the “Works Package” because I knew I would be applying to several schools and that I would need more time and attention for writing, feedback, and consulting.

From beginning to end, Ann worked diligently on making my applications shine. My personal statement was by far the most important aspect of each and Ann worked magic with everything I wrote. By the end of the application process I had genuine, strong and exceptionally distinctive personal statements. In a nutshell, I gave Ann a block of coal and she turned it into a shiny bar of gold! Even the admissions dean of one school complimented my essay in the acceptance letter I received.

After I began hearing back from the schools Ann continued working hard helping me choose the best school for me. What I love the most about how Ann helped me during this period is that she emphasized all considerations and what to look for in each school I was interested in (e.g. location, curriculum, professors). Ann didn’t simply veer me toward a top law school; she helped me choose my top law school.

The final outcome after working with Ann for almost a year is that my first choice law school has accepted me in to its program! On top of that, most of the other seventeen that accepted me offered nice scholarships as well.

First and foremost, hire Ann! I cannot stress enough how invaluable she is to applying to law school. Additionally, read The Law School Admission Game. Ann Levine’s own book gives great guidance that any law school applicant will find priceless. Don’t be fooled by thinking your nice GPA and LSAT scores are enough; they’re not. Take me for example: I have a decent GPA and three low LSAT scores but I was accepted by a T-50 school within only a few weeks of sending off my application, beating out others with greater “numbers” than mine!

Hiring Ann Levine was the best decision I made regarding my decision to pursue law school. Without Ann’s help I would not have made it to the law school of my choice, nor would the process have been so smooth. I would hire Ann all over again and I recommend her to anyone considering law as a career. Ann and her team are worth far more than the cost of their services.

Thank you, Ann. You have made the process of law school admission much better than I could ever imagine. More importantly, you helped me gain acceptance by the law school of my choice.