Ann Changes Lives

Ann Levine, quite simply, changes lives! After working with her for 4 easy and frustration-free months, I’ve been accepted to the law school I never really considered a true possibility. It’s incredible. I’m in at my first choice!

Ann, thank you! You made the law school application process straight forward and simple. I was able to focus on one task at a time, never feeling overwhelmed or unable to accomplish the incremental steps that made the goal a reality.

Ann also introduced me to Nathan Fox and his online LSAT prep class. That, probably more than anything else, was the reason I was able to be a competitive applicant to the law school of my choice. The icing on the cake, was the advice and critical eye Ann provided to my resume and personal statement.

Ann, you’re incredible and I can’t fully express how grateful and overjoyed I am. THANK YOU!