Above All, Ann Cares

Without beating around the bush, I’ll admit it – I had a not-so great LSAT score of 144 and a cumulative GPA of 3.26. I thought there was no hope for me. I had every intention of taking the LSAT again, but wasn’t sure. After a year, I didn’t really know what to do, and I was frustrated. I then found Ann’s website, and then I talked to Ann about my situation.

I have to honestly say she is the best solution when it comes to preparing yourself for law school admissions – NO QUESTION. I couldn’t really change the numbers, so Ann knew just what to do as she focused on my strengths instead, like attending school while working full- time and raising two small children, or my gradual improvement through college. She helped me tailor my personal statement into a positive and essential tool by providing key advice, which eventually led to my admission to law school. Not only did she help me with my resume and personal statement, but she also helped me develop my answers to critical questions that were supplements required by schools. Even when some schools put me on the “wait list,” Ann knew just what to do to keep the fire burning. She’s always available (somehow she does it), and she always provided crucial insight to the process using her knowledge and expertise.

Above all, Ann cares. There were many times when I would express my frustration and tenacity about the admission process and the hoops that one may feel they have to jump through just to get accepted. Ann was extremely supportive and kept me positive, she let me vent, SHE LISTENED, and then spun it into a positive to keep my drive going. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Ann to anyone applying for law school.