I Always Felt Like a Priority

Ann’s services were absolutely invaluable. Not only does she have the expertise and knowledge required of someone offering her services, but she adds a special touch personalized for each individual person. You get the feeling that she is personally invested in each client and I always felt like I was her priority.

I was surprised to do very well on the LSAT, and I had a strong GPA as well, so I needed Ann’s services to help me rethink the application process and start applying to higher ranked schools. However, I needed to have a personal statement to match my scores, and Ann was incredible at tailoring my personal statement to my specific needs. She also took into account the fact that I wasn’t planning on taking any time off between undergraduate and law school, so I didn’t have any full-time work experience, which also made my situation more unique.

She was always positive, upbeat, and supportive- she made me feel like I couldn’t go wrong! When I signed up with her, I was expecting help with my personal statement and advice on the application process in general. I ended up getting all of those things, but most importantly, I got peace of mind. Ann is decisive and knowledgeable, so I trusted her when she told me I was finished with something and could move on.

My personality is the type that would have stressed and obsessed over something for days, but with her I felt that I could relax because she certainly knows what she is talking about. I felt like no question was too small or too dense to ask her. This paid off incredibly- I was accepted into eleven schools and offered scholarships at four. Ann was one of the best investments I made in my education and I would recommend her services to anyone who doesn’t want to feel alone in the law school application process.