With Ann, the Application Process Was Almost Painless

I was hesitant to hire a consultant for my law school applications, but it was the defining decision I made during my law school application cycle.  You will NOT regret working with Ann! It made the law school application process almost painless.  Ann had a game plan and a timeline that transformed the process from daunting and unmanageable to nothing more than a series of small tasks. 

I was confident in my ability to get into law school generally, but I wanted to make sure that my applications were as polished and put-together as possible so that I would be setting myself up to get into the best law school I could…and Law School Expert did just that! 

Ann helped me put together an application package that put my best foot forward, so that at the end of the day, I knew I had done the best I could.  And it definitely worked!  I was very pleased (and even pleasantly surprised!) with where I was accepted, and I really appreciate Ann’s help making the process easy.  She truly is THE law school expert – plus she’s nice, fun, and easy to work with, so I can say that I almost enjoyed applying to law school.