Ann Truly Makes All The Difference

I attribute my acceptance to my first choice law school to Ann Levine’s experience and guidance.  My LSAT score was in the mid 150’s and I was feeling very discouraged about applying.  Ann’s confidence in my other qualities made all the difference.

When I was filling in the initial questionnaire about my life, I had no idea at the time, how important that exercise would be for me.  From that form, Ann was able to suggest Personal Statement topics that I would have ignored.  She had an eye for what would be interesting to the admissions committees, having been a law school admissions dean herself.

While I thought I had little to put on my resume, let alone being clueless about the format, Ann suggested I list some of my research papers and anything else I could think of putting on the resume.  Ann did her magic of editing my resume, so that I was actually impressed with it.

As far as the Personal Statement, Ann was tireless in her advice giving and editing.  In fact, when I would send her my drafts after midnight, she would often have her edit sent to me by the time I woke up the next morning!  I got use to waking up to Ann’s comments on my Personal Statements.  Ann and I communicated entirely through e-mails. This was extremely productive for me, as I was very busy in college and studying for my classes, and writing law school applications at very late hours. When I got tired of the process and wanted to take short cuts, Ann insisted I work harder and not give up.

Ann will tell you when she does not agree with you.  She does not take the easy way out, ever.

I truly believe that Ann’s expertise in ‘packaging’ the application made the difference in my acceptance.  Her experience in knowing exactly what an admissions committee was looking for in an addendum as opposed to the personal statement made all the difference.  Ann examined and proofread every PDF of the complete application, before I sent them out to each law school.

I strongly recommend using Law School Expert.  It can make all the difference in being accepted at your law school of choice.  When I received my acceptance to my first choice school, very early in the application cycle, I was so relieved to be done with this process.  The only other person more happy with my acceptance besides my parents, was Ann.  Her genuine enthusiasm throughout the process was invaluable.