Admitted with a 2.5 GPA

In August of 2009 I decided I wanted to attend law school. After picking up and reading some literature, including Ann’s book, I still had numerous questions. While trying to adapt the strategies of books aimed at 4.0 GPA / 170 LSAT students, to myself… whose application contained numerous red flags including a 2.5GPA, I had difficulty.

After consulting with an adjunct professor at a local law school, and a poli sci professor from my alma mater, who completely contradicted each other, I realized I needed the help of a professional. When I started working with Ann my first question was, “Can I get into any law school in America?” Not only did she have the experience and expertise to answer my questions realistically, she helped me achieve my goals. Whenever I had a question or concern Ann was always there to address it. The law school application process is stressful and a simple question like, “Are you sure I can skip question 3 on this school’s application?” Would have driven me crazy for days, but a quick text to Ann to double check and I had peace of mind within a minute. That is something you can not put a price on. I look forward to starting law school in the fall of 2010 and I have Ann to thank for that.