Accepted into Emory Law with Scholarship

I knew, at the start of thinking about law schools, that I was holding a mixed bag. While I graduated from an Ivy League college and had work experience, I had a GPA below 3.0 and a record of academic sanctions as a legacy of my partying college days. My status as an international student made me even more nervous about my chances and competition.
After reading Ann’s book, I got in touch with her because I needed to know if there was a way to get beyond my past to my dream schools. Ann’s detailed, rapid-response approach gave me the advice I needed to craft my applications to reflect who I am now, all before the looming deadlines.

What was most impressive was not her help in getting acceptances to top 50 schools with full scholarships, but what she did for me after that. Ann encouraged me and sailed me through the harrowing wait list process in the spring/summer. In the end, I got acceptances off of top 20 wait lists and I am now entering Emory in the fall with a $100,000+ scholarship. I am confident that, if you have something you feel is holding you back from law school, Ann Levine will make the application process and even the wait list work for you.