Accepted To Harvard

When I first decided to apply to law school, I didn’t plan to hire an admissions consultant. After a friend gave me Ann’s book, though, I decided to speak with her to see if she could help me through what was quickly becoming a more overwhelming process than I had anticipated.

Looking back at all of the help Ann provided for me, I’m so happy that I decided to work with her. Ann was there to help me brainstorm essay ideas, edit drafts of my personal statement, give me advice on choosing recommenders, and answer any and all questions that came up throughout the process (and I had a lot). She was always honest with her feedback–when she thought I could do better, she told me, and having that kind of objective opinion from someone with so much experience with law school applications was truly invaluable.

She pushed me to submit the best applications I was capable of, and for that I’m incredibly grateful. I’ve already been accepted at seven schools–several of which I had definitely considered reach schools for me initially. To anyone who is considering hiring Ann, I would really encourage you to do so!