Absolutely Worth It.

First and foremost, Ann and her service is absolutely worth it. Without a doubt.

I can say with full-confidence that I would not have had the success that I did in this cycle without her help and support. I truly believe that any law school applicant would benefit from her help.

As a non-traditional student that had been out of undergrad 5+ years, I started wondering how admissions teams would perceive my academic and professional history and was concerned that they might seem too unrelated to law. This fueled my motivation to invest in a service that would produce peace of mind and a competitive advantage. Thus, the search began…. In the end, none quite compared to the Law School Expert.

Ultimately, I chose Ann because she…

1. Has the experience and expertise that would provide a unique and accurate perspective into law school admissions and how they view applicants/prospective students (you!)
2. Works with you directly and focuses exclusively on law school applicants (instead of an operation that expands into various professional degrees)
3. Provides a ton of helpful information in her books and helps prospective applicants frequently on her blogs and sites
4. Communicates in a very timely manner, is honest, and genuinely wants to help people. Upon talking to her for the initial consultation I just felt like we were a good fit and appreciated the casual-feeling, yet professional approach
5. Has a track-record of success and an abundance of satisfied clients (like myself!)

Not only did she exceed every expectation I had, she also helped me through situations I did not foresee and helped turn my dreams into a reality. Because of Ann, I will be attending a school that I didn’t even think I could get into…and with a scholarship package that is beyond the median! Undoubtedly, this is a result of her time, attention, and expertise. I am beyond grateful for her!