Absolutely Made the Difference for Me

I just want to say: my LSAT score says I shouldn’t have gotten anywhere near the waitlist at GULC and I’m really, really grateful for the opportunity to keep trying and you’re a huge part of that. Your help (and Ruth’s) absolutely made the difference for me. You helped me feel less weird/nervous about sitting down and writing about myself. Through your edits and questions, what I submitted was a better and more honest reflection of me than I would have arrived at otherwise (would have tried and failed to guess at what they want, written about and tried to explain away perceived weaknesses and submitted something lame, rather than think about what I want and why I might be good at it). I ended up being proud of it, and that means a lot to me. Also, my scholarship at Brooklyn really must be due to the app… enlisting your services will likely be the best investment I ever make. Thanks so much.

– Sarah 03/02/2020