A Long Road of Recovery

I survived a tragic incident in the military that almost destroyed my mind, my career and my hope. Since I had a long long road of recovery ahead of me just in my personal life, law school seemed so far out of the picture I thought it would be nearly impossible. I had trouble with my grades, and with my self esteem, and was afraid to even apply. Then I found Ann, and with our first conversation I feel we connected and she made me realize that my tragedies and turmoils could be seen as a pillar of triumph.

She gave me the support, resources, time and genuine concern and care to see me through the very often rigorous and stressful and intimidating law school process. There was really only one law school I wanted to go to, and I really thought it was a long long shot but Ann encouraged me to apply anyway, and we worked the kinks out during the application process, and a few weeks later, I was accepted to the ONE and only Law school I ever wanted to attend.

Ann, I don’t know how to thank you. The day I got my acceptance letter I cried and rejoiced as it meant a new positive life for me in the future, and closure to all the self doubt and fear I had dragged with me all those years. Law school may have validated my hopes and dreams, but way before my acceptance letter, Ann had faith in me and helped me learn one of the most important lessons of all….to never lose faith, stay positive and to validate myself.

Thank you so much ANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!