Accepted to 12 Schools

Since beginning college I had always planned on going to law school, but recognizing the challenges that getting a JD presented, I opted to get a Masters directly out of college and then go to law school. However quickly into my Masters I realized that what I really wanted to be leaning was law, and I actually really wanted to be in law school.

So I nervously left my Masters program and returned home to take some time to gain some professional experience. I began studying for the LSAT and as I have always struggled with standardized tests, the LSAT was just the same.

With a score of 152 and thinking I could only get a job from a top 10 school I felt utterly deflated. When I began to question everything that I had done over the past two years of my life and if I was even gonna be able to get into any school, I found Ann. I had originally read Ann’s book, and found it very helpful, but nothing compared to the valuable insight and support Ann provided me through one on one sessions. I reached out to Ann mid-January 2014 and by Feb 15, 2014 had completed all my applications and had gained confidence in applying which I never knew possible. Ann not only helped me create a great personal statement and addendums to my apps, but helped me expand my list of schools.

When I began getting acceptance letters that included full ride scholarships and personal comments on my personal statement I was blown away, and I attribute a lot of this to the help Ann provided for me. Ann gave me options, which before working with her, I didn’t even think I would get into 1 school, nonetheless, 12!