Ten Day Countdown for December LSAT Takers

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Wow. It’s December 1st. How did that happen already?

Those of you taking the December LSAT a week from Saturday are probably in freak-out mode. With ten days to go, you either know your stuff or you don’t, so now is the time to focus on staying healthy, keeping up your skills, and controlling your nerves. Here’s  a great post by my friends at Manhattan LSAT about what to do in the Home Stretch before the December LSAT.

This week my clients who took the June or October exam got into some great schools (UVA, Minnesota, Alabama) but this kind of information tends to make December test takers pretty paranoid. Let me assure you, it’s not too late for you to  get into a reach law school. The key is to use your time wisely in the three weeks when you’re waiting for your score. Starting December 12th, make sure LORs and transcripts are in at LSAC. Write and polish your personal statement and resume and any optional essays or addenda you anticipate needing.  Be ready to submit all applications in the week or ten days after receiving your LSAT score. If you can do that, you will be ok. Don’t waste time worrying about things that are out of your control (like whether December is too late). You are a December LSAT taker, that’s just how things shook out. Don’t let it freak you out. Just move ahead and do your best. Make it worthwhile that you waited to take the LSAT by squeezing out every last point you can.

Here is my post from last year setting out an application timeline for December LSAT takers and here is the 15-minute Free Podcast/Blog Talk Radio Show where I outline directions for your timeline as a December test taker.

Good luck on the LSAT, and let me know if you have any questions.

And Happy Hannukah to those of you who celebrate!

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  1. Hi Ann,

    I took the December LSAT yesterday and now I’m getting all my applications in. I took the Sept 2009 LSAT and have a score for it, but I want the LAW schools to wait to review my up until this December scores come in (hopefully I did better this time around). How do I ask them to wait to review my applications until my new scores to come out so they can consider those in the application process?

  2. Hi Ann,
    Sorry if this is a repeat, but I can’t find what I thought I posted! haha I have a quick question about personal statement grammar: is there some unspoken rule against using contractions in your personal statement? Mine flows better with some contractions and is fairly conversational. Thanks!

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