Taking the September LSAT?

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Put away everything else and just study for the LSAT. You don’t want to have to retake this test in December if you don’t have to because there is a huge advantage to completing your applications as early as possible. You have 6 weeks. Now is the time to put away thoughts about your personal statement and schools and everything – preparing properly for the LSAT is the best thing you can do for your law school applications right now. Then, while waiting for your score you can do the personal statement, resume, addenda, etc.
Stay motivated! Don’t think about a back-up test in December. Put everything you can into the next six weeks. And for those of you getting frustrated with your practice test scores, remember you still have 6 more weeks to improve. It’s not too late to call a tutor and put more time in.
What is my #1 tip for LSAT prep?
Review every answer, even if you got it right. After all, you might’ve gotten it right by accident!
Good luck and hunker down!

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  1. Dear Ann:

    I hope you are doing fine.

    I came across your blog and thought I would get a ‘wise answer’ from your expertise in the law school prep arena. I have been studying on and off for ‘FIVE’ years and have canceled the LSAT tests numerous times well before taking it because of my low test practice scores. I have taken just about every live prep test and on-line prep test, as well as the numerous books I have purchased which has accumulated close to $10,000.

    For two years now I have been the sole caretaker of my mother (Alzheimers) and have canceled the test four times within this period. I am scheduled for this fall to take the test and I am trying to get up at 6:00 every morning to study before I begin work (that I fortunately am able to get downloaded to work from home).

    Getting a tutor is out of my budget since I have lost a significant amount of income by working at home. The LSAT programs out there are ‘all the same’ with the same approach. I have yet to find any class, live or in-person, that can go right to each LR question and equip me with the thought process of A-Z in getting the right answer.

    I take much too long in trying to decipher the answer. I am averaging about half right and half wrong. I am absolutely depressed when I get three or more answers incorrect in a row. I feel stuck and wish there was someone out there that could assist in guiding me to conquer this seemingly impenetrable wall. I am willing to travel to that person and pay a minimal amount for an hour or two, but when it comes to $200 an hour that takes from paying the household monthly bills.

    Determined to make my dream a reality and reaching out for help.


    1. Bonnie, have you taken advantage of free resources, podcasts and other things available online? I don’t know how low your practice scores are, but if you’ve done all of this and they are still in the 130s, I don’t know what to tell you. You should probably move forward, take the test, try applying, and see if the dream can become reality.

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