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Should I go to a low ranked law school and transfer?

“Should I go to a lower ranked school and try to transfer to a better school next year?” I am often asked this question on my blog. I see too many law school applicants making short term decisions at the expense of long term decisions, and I am writing this post to try to talk you out of it. Sometimes

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What are My Chances of Transferring Law Schools?

As 1L grades and class rank are released, this is a very popular question. Since law schools do not have to release any information about the credentials of admitted transfer applicants, this can often feel like a crapshoot. But there are some key ingredients for successful transfer applicants. The ideal transfer applicant: 1. Was in the top 20% or higher

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5 Tips for Transferring Law Schools

Did you do really well during your first semester as a 1L? Do you suspect you’re in the Top 20%, or even Top 5% of your class? If so, you are probably considering whether to transfer to a higher ranked law school. (Other 1Ls may want to transfer simply because they are miserable where they are, usually because they chose

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Thinking about Transferring Law Schools?

This post is geared toward current 1Ls thinking about applying to other schools for their 2L year, but it is also a good thing for 0Ls to keep in mind as they choose where to attend this year. Here is a very detailed analysis by one person who transferred from Loyola-LA to Boalt – it has a lot of details

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More on Transferring Law Schools

Law schools are finding creative ways to make it hard on students who hope to transfer after the first year of law schools. See this post on Blackbook Legal.

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Thinking about Transfering as a 2L?

Earning great grades your first year can be a ticket into a fantastic law school (as my clients have proven time and time again – transferring from Touro to Cardozo, Golden Gate to William and Mary, Catholic to Georgetown). Here are some worthwhile insights into what the law schools are thinking, and how law firms might evaluate your record. I

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A great option: Applying as a Transfer Student

Frustrated that your LSAT and GPA performance will limit your opportunities? Here’s something to keep in mind – If you finish your 1L year with good grades, you can transfer into some amazing schools. (Schools don’t have to report your LSAT and GPA to the ABA, therefore it doesn’t count in rankings). Some examples – this year I had someone

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Who Gets To Attend A Top Law School?

How to Get Into a Top Law School? Top law schools require stellar undergraduate grades, an LSAT score that shows you can compete with their student body, and soft factors which demonstrate experiences that will add to the diversity and knowledge of the law school class. For Top 10 law schools, a ballpark combination would be scoring 170+ on the...

Can I Get Into Law School with a Low LSAT and Low GPA?

Tips for Law School Applicants with low LSAT scores and low GPAs: Call attention to excellent performance during a portion of your time in college, or in a certain area of study in college. Obtain excellent academic letters of recommendation. Demonstrate that more recent academic accomplishments (in graduate school, or during your later years of college) are a better indication...

Thinking About Going to Law School

If you’ve been considering whether law school is right for you, check out this 15-minute LSAT/Law School podcast interview about what’s important to consider and how to prepare yourself for deciding on a career in law. In the podcast, we discuss: How to explore whether law is the right direction for you; How to choose courses in college to prepare for law...

The Law School Admission Game, 4th Edition: Now Available!

I am so excited to announce the release today of the 4th edition of my bestselling law school admission guidebook, The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert. This is fully up to date with information on recent changes to the LSAT, LSATFlex, and use of the GRE in law school admissions. It includes even more examples of case studies...