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Best Majors for Law School Applicants

How do law school admission committees evaluate people with different undergraduate majors? I have a lot of information about this in The Law School Admission Game Chapter 3: Undergraduate GPA But here is an overview: Are there good majors and bad majors for law school applications? I wouldn’t quite say there are bad majors – I think there are good things

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Challenge Yourself: Are You Ready For Law School?

One of the biggest questions that I help clients answer on a regular basis is one of the most basic: are they ready for law school? If you’re thinking about law school, here are three challenges to give yourself to help make this incredibly important decision. 1: Talk to 3 Lawyers Law school isn’t an end goal in and of

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7 Recent Trends in Law School Admissions

Over the 14 years since I have graduated from law school and worked in the law school admission world, things have changed. In the last 2 to 3 years, I have seen significant advantages for law school applicants who are knowledgeable, savvy, and who have seriously considered their decision to go to law school. Law schools have responded to the

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Requirements for Admission to Law School

Are you grappling with the decision of whether you should apply for law school?  If that’s you, you should learn what you need to know about applying to law school. If this is the beginning of your law school exploration process, here are the basics: Know Your Law School Types There are two kinds of law school applicants: those applying to

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Pre-Law Summer Institute – Worth it?

One of my clients asked me about a one week pre-law summer institute that promised a “certificate of completion” that would WOW law schools. She wanted to know my thoughts on whether she should participate. What is a reason to participate in this kind of program?  To spend a week talking about and studying law in order to see if

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5 Things Fall 2009 Applicants Can do Right Now

For those of you applying for law school admission for Fall 2009, here is a great timeline for you: 1. LSAT in June 2008 or September 2008. (Prep courses would start 7-8 weeks prior to the test date) 2. Register for LSDAS now and start compiling Letters of Rec. (LSAC has a new website – check it out) 3. Work

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Tips for College Students Considering Law School

If you are more than 18 months away from college graduation, here are some suggestions that will help provide a strong foundation for a possible application to law school in the future. Since your GPA is still within your control, work hard. Pick classes that interest and excite you and do well in the most challenging classes you can take....

The Best Time to Visit Law Schools

The best times to visit law schools are when you've been waitlisted, and when you're deciding where to attend. Visiting a Law School Where You've Been Waitlisted Today, a client asked me for help writing letters of continuing interest to three schools - all three schools were located in the city where she lived. So my first question to her...

Thinking about Becoming a Lawyer?

Do you want to be a lawyer? If you’re considering law school because others have suggested it to you, or because you feel compelled as your peers move on to seemingly prestigious employment options, take some time and delve into the lives of actual attorneys. If you have not yet done any serious research about the legal profession, what lawyers...

Big Changes to the LSAT in 2024

The LSAT will see big changes this year: (1) no more logic games as of August 2024; and (2) the writing sample is different.  If you know that you won't be taking the LSAT before August, then save yourself the trouble of learning logic games and focus on the other two sections. The writing sample is now an argumentative style...