Still have High School on your Law School Resume?

Law School Expert Blog

YUCK. When I see a law school applicant with high school on his/her resume, it reminds me how young and unaccomplished the person is. Remove it. I’ve made one (and only one) exception to this rule – two years ago I had a client who played the bassoon in a professional orchestra at the age of 16. That was worth keeping.
I know that sometimes those of you who went to fancy, prestigious prep schools want to show off what an excellent educational background you have. However, you should be aware that jaded law school admission officers see this and think “oh, another privileged, entitled person whose parents pay their way through everything.” When applying to law school, you want to appear self-reliant and adult in everything you present. You’re auditioning to be a lawyer and that thought should be pervasive in your applications.

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