Should You Take the January LSAT?

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Ok, I’ve been meaning to blog about this for WEEKS. Finally, during the 24 hour window in which I expect November LSAT scores to be released, I got around to answering this question – sorry I could only fit it in right after I got out of the shower this morning.

Retaking the LSAT in January is problematic – in this 2 minute tip video, I tell you why.

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  1. I sort of have a unique situation and would love your input/guidance.

    To Begin, my GPA is a 4.0 in which I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Florida (tied for #35 University in the nation with current rankings) with a degree in Public Relations focused on Politics. My LSAT score is a 172 (only took it once). I am also a first generation college student. I do understand that such numbers should put me in good company for a chance of acceptance into Harvard Law but my circumstances are a bit more complicated.

    I attended two other colleges before transferring to UF. While there, my gpa was around 2.6–2.8 at both schools before I eventually transferred to UF. There were also a few classes I failed and some I even dropped or withdrew from. However, the poor grades were not due to lack of intelligence or effort rather I was experiencing hardships/obstacles in my life over that 3 year span. I am an adopted child (fathered died when I was young and my mother has been incarcerated all my life) and was living in a bad home environment during those beginning years of my college career. I eventually moved out and started my own business so it did turn out for the best. But it was difficult to juggle the life changes, challenge of starting and running a business AND going to school. I should have taken a bit of time off from school but I was young, ambitious and pretty naive so I thought I could juggle it all and make it work but it didn’t workout at first.Although, eventually it did all work out, the business was and is in a great position in which I was able to return to school and I was presented with a fresh start at the University of Florida that turned out great. As I mentioned, I graduated with a 4.0 while also starting a small charity providing school clothes and supplies to under privileged children like myself during that time. I also worked on a political campaign for a Mayor of a major city who has also written me a great letter of recommendation. I am just worried that given the fact that the LSAC combines my GPA from all undergraduate grades that the poor performance of my previous years will hurt my chances at Harvard Law. I do plan to add an addendum explaining these circumstances and it will be included in my personal statement but I wanted to see some of the opinions of folks who have experience with such cases, law school admissions, Harvard, etc. Do I still have a shot? Should I try and get a better LSAT? I’m open for all suggestions. Thanks again for your time!

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