Should You Cancel Your October LSAT Score?

Did you take the LSAT yesterday? Are you thinking about canceling your score? Before you do anything read my latest post  “Should I Cancel My LSAT Score?”

I’ve been writing about canceling LSAT scores since 2007 – and really, all of the advice is the same over the years but it’s still fun to read – this one was from 2007 “Should You Cancel Your LSAT Score?

Here are some links to help (originally posted in 2011): “Thinking of Canceling Your LSAT Score?

And for a list of things to do now that the LSAT is over, read “THE LSAT IS OVER!!!!! What’s Next?

2 thoughts on “Should You Cancel Your October LSAT Score?

  1. Hi Ann! I bought your book and you mention that if you think you can improve your LSAT score by 3+ points, it’s worth retaking. I have a 3.9 GPA at a top university but got an LSAT score of 166, which is lower than what I had been getting on practices. I definitely think I could get at least a 170, but is it worth giving up an early application to retake the LSAT? Hope you can answer my question! Thanks.

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