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I tell people all the time that I’m not in the business of convincing anyone that they should go to law school: my job is to help those who have already made that decision for themselves. But if you’re contemplating law school and wondering whether you should move forward with applying to law school, whether this is a new idea or something you’ve been contemplating on and off for years, there are two key questions to ask yourself before you dive into the law school application process. Here’s my two-minute tip video with those two questions:

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  1. I’m applying to law schools next summer, I currently have 3.8 GPA and I’m graduating this fall. However I have been in school for a very long time. I graduated high school in 2008, started in community college and that was when my mom was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. My life really changed during that time I was working, taking care of her and went to school and I did really bad in school (withdrawals, a few D’s, and 2 F’s) for some reason I really wanted to be in school even though I was not doing good. Maybe it was because my mom felt guilty that because of her I couldn’t focus on my life and school or maybe it was my way of feeling safe. I was in commit College for 3 years then I went back home with her and I was there for 2 years( I was taking classes with Harvard extension) when she passed away I came back to US and continued taking classes at Harvard extension. (One of the failed classes was there, I failed one class) I was dealing with a lot and I was dealing with the griefe and trying to bring my husband who I met back home to US. So anyways I started college as a management major student in 2016 when my husband was here after 3 years of trying! I gave it my all and as of right now have a 3.8 GPA but when I combine all my grades from past it comes to like 2.5 .

    So if I get a good LSAT score 175-180 what are my chances of getting to a good law school?

    I really don’t want to settle for any school, because I have worked so hard to get where I am (I worked two jobs full time and full time school). Top 20 is my goal, Is this a possibility?

  2. Hi Ann,

    I am contemplating a major life change regarding my career. I am a much more mature student than most at 41. I have achieved success in life without completing my undergraduate degree, though I am pursuing it now with approximately two and a half years before finishing my BA. I have always wanted to be an attorney, and I do think that I would be a successful one, yet never pursued it as an option until now.

    My question is: how old is too old? If all goes as planned, I would be graduating from Law School at 46-47 years old. I wouldn’t expect to get into a top tier firm at that age so my school choice would be commensurate with that knowledge. It would really be more to join a small firm after school, or go solo, and finish my career practicing. My concern is that this may be “pie in the sky” thinking on my part and all will be done for naught.

    I understand that it is never too late to be what you should have always been; however, is this completely insane?

    1. Jason, it’s not insane if this is what you want to do and you can afford to do it – it might not make sense to take on a lot of debt, but if you can afford this then why not try?

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