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Want to be best friends? With this package, we will be. And like a best friend, you can lean on me every step of the way. You'll get unlimited help with everything you need for your applications. And I truly mean unlimited. We don't count hours, drafts, number of applications, or anything else. We just work on whatever you need done, whatever it takes.

Formerly known as "The Works" package, I will provide unlimited assistance from sign up to the day you start law school, assisting with all decisions, strategy, and support for all application materials.

I will create a personalized 10-step calendar and timeline/to-do list for your application cycle that we can adapt if needed as the cycle progresses. I will help you brainstorm for your personal statement and assist you with any needed optional/supplemental essays, your resumé, and addenda for as many schools as you choose to apply to. You'll get unlimited written reviews of all of these drafts, followed up with professional proofreading to make sure everything is dialed in. All drafts will be returned within 48 hours. When we have completed your applications, I will review all of them to make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

To top it all off, I will help you in selecting schools that make the most sense based on your qualifications and goals. You'll get twenty 15 minute Zoom consultations with me to answer any questions you may have, an interview preparation session, and access to Slack where you can message me as much as you want. I will also provide Waitlist assistance and Scholarship Negotiation assistance.



What’s Included:

  • Formerly known as “The Works” package: I will provide unlimited assistance from sign up to the day you start law school with all decisions, strategy, and support for all application materials.
  • You’ll benefit from guidance on all aspects of your applications from letters of rec, to school selection, addenda, tailoring essays to different schools, whether to retake the LSAT, etc.
  • Personalized 10-step calendar and timeline for your application cycle.
  • Brainstorming for our personal statement and all optional/supplemental essays.
  • Unlimited written reviews on all drafts.
  • Professional proofreading of all written materials.
  • Fast response time on all document drafts – usually 24 to 48 hour turnaround times.
  • Help selecting schools based on your qualifications and goals.
  • Twenty 15-minute Zoom or phone consultations to answer any questions.
  • Unlimited messages via Slack for “Law School Emergencies.”
  • Review of all applications before submitting.
  • Interview preparation.
  • Waitlist assistance.
  • Scholarship negotiation assistance.
  • There is nothing to add-on here, because everything you need is included.

The personal statement is a central piece of your law school application. It’s the one place where your voice is heard, where you get to put forward the best part of yourself in your application. Ann has written multiple books and articles and has YouTube videos offering law school personal statement help.

“I think (the personal note from the Dean I received in my Admissions Materials) is a testament to the objectives, ideals, and principles of your system. … Continue reading →


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