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One of my clients sent me this e-mail over the weekend:

“I think you mentioned that the point of visiting a law school was to follow up about what you liked about the school.  If during a visit, you aren’t able to see an admissions counselor, does that defeat this purpose (i.e. the ability to follow up), since the admissions counselor doesn’t have a face to the applicant, and there really isn’t a specific person you could write a follow up letter to?  Also, does the admissions committee keep track of who visited to take a tour/class visit to guage the student’s interest in the law school (for admissions purposes)?”

The point of visiting a law school (before being admitted) is to show the school you are likely to actually attend. Due to yield rate concerns, schools are more likely to admit someone whom they believe likely to actually attend the school.  Even if you don’t get to meet someone face to face, you should be able to work it and talk to students and take notes and follow up with a letter explaining what impressed you about the school. You can send it to the Dean or Director of Admissions at the school.

A smart law school keeps track of who is visiting; a smart applicant takes steps to make sure the school knows about the visit.

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  1. I’ve only applied to two law school’s evening program. I have a graduate degree with good GPA, above 3.5 but my other stats aren’t good at all. I’ve just been rejected by my lesser choice. The other better school is not responding to me. I suppose I am still in the running if there is no news just as yet. The status checker says application complete for about 1.5 month now. I am really afraid of going to visit the school (I did visit an undergraduate program and was rejected even after the visit) You know it could work against you when they don’t like your physical traits or the way you speak… but I will do it now since I have no other choice. Is it a good idea to also send in a Letter of Continued Interest before the week or in the continued interest letter, state your interest to visit them? Just yes or no is fine. Thanks very much.

  2. Ann,
    I am waiting to hear back from the majority of my schools several of which are out of state (I applied a little later in the game). At this time, I just can’t afford the airfare to visit schools that I applied to which are outside of my region and I’m wondering if there is anything else I can do to show that I am interested in attended these schools? Would a letter of continued interest be appropriate?
    Thank you!

  3. @Ann Levine
    Thank you for your reply. My applications are still being reviewed at this time and I’m gathering from your reply that I should just sit tight for a bit before sending a letter. How soon would be too soon? I guess I’d just like to offer some sort of gesture before a decision is made letting these school know that I am indeed interested despite the fact that I can’t visit the campus.

    Again, thank you – this blog has been a beacon of light during the confusing process of applications. Don’t know what I would have done without it!

  4. Chloe, it can’t hurt to try. But, this is why I think it’s a good idea (for others reading this thread) to include this information in personal statements.

  5. Dear Ann,
    I am preparing a letter to follow up a campus visit. My question: is an email,or a hard copy letter in snail mail, or both? Thanks.

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