Rankings Lead to Increased Transfer Admits

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The Faculty Lounge has a great article today about law schools downsizing to jump in the rankings, and compensating by taking more transfer applicants. This is a well-known practice, and applicants are just now starting to get wind of it.

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  1. There needs to be pedagogical, economic, and ethical studies conducted on the effect of USNWR on post-secondary education. Call me crazy, but I bet the net result is negative from each perspective.

  2. How easy is it actually to transfer between schools? Say I get into Yale and Harvard and choose Yale, will Harvard take me automatically the following year as a transfer? Or vice versa?

  3. Regarding transferring between Harvard and Yale, my thought is “Why?”

    What possible reason could there be for doing this when there are downsides to transferring (networking, law review, friendships, having to explain the transfer to prospective employers, etc)?

    In terms of whether it’s easy (and assuming you had to be in a particular location for family reasons) depends upon the grades (where applicable) and letters of rec from faculty, etc. But it shouldn’t be impossible.

  4. About college majors – it’s not about number, it’s about difficulty and your performance in spite of difficulty. Two relatively easy majors does not equal one that is more rigorous. Especially when grades are equal.

  5. what is a rigorous major? i think standard can vary widely from school to school even for the same major.

    also, there seems to be

    1) alot of poli.sci and english majors in law school (according to statistics)

    2) and few science/engineering majors or fine arts/music majors

    is it advantageous to be a poli.sci english major, grades being equal.

  6. Most people are not choosing between poli sci, engineering and art; most people do not have sincere interests in such diverse subjects.You need to pick the major that most interests you, that is geared toward your passion, that will enable you to succeed. You need to build experiences that show your ardent interest in the subject matter (travel, internships, academic contests, etc.). If you do that, then any major is suitable.

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