Proper Decorum at an LSAC Law School Forum

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Sign up for a Law School Forum or recruitment Fair on your campus. Why? Because it’s your best opportunity to meet many representatives from law schools in the span of an hour or two. You will learn a great deal about different schools and perhaps score an application fee waiver or two from schools where you’d planned to apply anyway. For dates of events coming up in the next two months, see

If you’d like to know more about what to expect from attending a law school Forum, start by reading this two-page PDF sheet “Getting the Most out of an LSAC Forum” put together by LSAC.

Remember why the law schools are at the event: to get as many people as possible to apply to their law school. There will be lines to talk with admission representatives, and you shouldn’t hog anyone’s attention – this is not your chance for an interview. If your numbers are in range, a school may try the additional inducement of inviting you to apply to their school for free.

The tables are manned, if you are lucky, by directors and assistant directors of admission and/or financial aid. Sometimes schools hire a recent graduate of the law school for this purpose. Collect contact information from the people you meet so that you have someone to follow up with later if you have questions and so you can mention the person (if you had a meaningful interaction) in your application to the school.

Will they remember you? If you are a super star who caught their attention, they will put a little star by your name. If you were annoying, weird, argumentative, or asked stupid questions, they will make a note of that as well.

You don’t need to wear a suit, but don’t dress for the clubs or gym either.

You don’t need to bring a resume; if anyone wants to see a resume, you can send it after the event as a follow-up.

Your time will be best spent if you arrive with a list of schools you hope to target, but always make time for a few that catch your eye and you can use the opportunity to learn more.


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  1. Thanks for these tips, I plan to attend the forum in Houston this weekend. I’d love to get a fee waiver or two… is there any appropriate way to ask for one?

  2. Not trying to hog the comment space, but I have another Q. I talked with an Admissions Director during the forum who introduced himself by his first name. He was very friendly and casual in dress and conversation… I am sending a follow-up email as I now apply because I have a question. In the email, should I address him by his first name, or as “Mr. ____”? (Not sure if this matters, but he is from UVA). Thank you for your help!

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