Law School Expert is unique in that all clients work directly with Ann Levine, who has more than 10 years experience in law school admissions and who has worked as a leader in the administration of ABA-approved law schools. Ann Levine wrote the bestselling law school admission guidebook: The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert. Ann founded Law School Expert in 2004 after serving as Director of Admissions for two different ABA-approved law schools.

Our most popular law school admissions consulting package, The Works Package, provides end-to-end strategy, advice, editing and proofreading on every aspect of all applications for all schools you apply to within an admissions cycle. We also offer a Personal Statement PLUS Package, and a Transfer Package.

Ann is invested in your success and wants to help you create a package that enables you to reach your full potential this admission cycle. Please review the law school admissions packages below and contact us for a FREE initial consultation.

Unlimited Consulting (aka The Works)

Work with the nation’s leading law school admission consultant Ann Levine and receive unlimited advice on any aspect of the law school admission process. This includes unlimited advice about personal statements, optional essays, addenda, resumes, and help with every application for as many law schools as you wish. Learn more…

Personal Statement PLUS

The Personal Statement PLUS package provides consultations with Ann Levine starting with brainstorming and ending with final proofreading of both a 2-page and 3-page version of your personal statement. Ann also provides end-to-end advice on drafts of either a resume or addendum as part of this package. This option is ideal for JD applicants who have a well-planned strategy and want advice on the main ingredients of their application. Learn more…

Transfer Package

This package includes unlimited assistance with your Personal Statement, Resume & Addendum for transfer applicants only. Learn more…

To learn more about any of these consulting services, contact us for a FREE consultation with a Law School Expert consultant to see how we can help you reach your law school admission goals.