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The “Personal Statement PLUS” package provides consultations with me, starting with brainstorming and ending with final proofreading of both a 2-page and 3-page version of your personal statement. I also provide end-to-end advice on drafts of a resume and an addendum (if one is appropriate for your application). This option is ideal for J.D. applicants who have a well-planned strategy and want to ensure the main written elements of their application are as effective as possible. In addition, you may add one optional essay to this package, whether that is a diversity statement or response to a school’s optional essay.

Your personal statement will reflect your strengths and will help you stand out in the law school admissions process.

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“I know I’ve said thank you before but just wanted to say thank you again! Yesterday I was accepted to UGA, I never imagined being able to get into a top 40 school given my low GPA and marginal LSAT. … Continue reading →

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