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JB left this comment on my old blog and I wanted to share it in a separate post here so everyone could benefit from the response:

Thank you Ann! I decided to take your advice and wait. (about the February LSAT)

I keep on having problems with the argument section in the practice exams, Im not sure how you are supposed to study for those kinds of questions. I also am having some trouble with the RC part of the exam. Is there anything that you can recommend that might help me study for these sections of the test better?


First, this is a good decision. I’m glad you’re going to dedicate yourself to going through the law school application process the right way rather than the “get it over with” way. Here are some resources on LSAT Preparation:

Integrated Learning LSAT Blog

Manhattan LSAT Tutor

Test Prep NY

Also, here’s a link to a previous LawSchoolExpert post on LSAT Advice and here’s one on LSAT Self Study.

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