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Following up on yesterday’s post….

I am headed out for vacation tomorrow and in hopes of finding a light-hearted pre-holiday weekend post, googled “happy news about law school.”

In doing so, I found an online forum that I thought was very useful for LLM Applicants. There’s not a lot of information available for these applicants since law schools don’t make information readily available about LLM admittees. . . (Just when you thought I was against all online forums and trying to quelch any discussion other than my own……by the way, does humor come across at all on a blog? I’m trying here….)

Regarding yesterday’s post, I may have stepped a bit overboard when I stated that I’ve never seen a productive discussion on the two forums I mentioned. I admit I do not spend much time on these sites and most of what I see through my google alerts notifications tends to be on the nasty side. Just because I’ve never seen it, however, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I am encouraged to learn of friendships made and useful knowledge gained. Obviously, we’re all adults here and can use our own sense about whose advice is worth taking.

Thanks to all of my enthusiastic readers of yesterday’s post, and for the readers who initially suggested that I address the issue . . . Happy Valentine’s Day and President’s Day Weekend. I’m off to see Barry Manilow so please forgive me if comments aren’t posted until Tuesday.

My daughter is asleep on the couch and I’m going to tuck her in now… You know, I spent more time choosing a pre-school for her than I did selecting a law school for myself… And things worked out ok : )
(By the way, this is an exhausted rant and attempt at humor, please don’t start sending me comments about my choice of law school or that things only worked out because I made law review…… I will, however, happily entertain comments telling me that I should stay out of the humor genre and stick to giving advice)

Good night!

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  1. Now that this post published, I realize what I’m most in danger of hearing is comparisons of how closely I resemble Barry Manilow….

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