One 1L Regrets his choice of law school

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So, this week I experienced a “first” since opening lawschoolexpert and becoming a law school admission consultant.

A client, we’ll call him Sam, hired me in July 2005. He wanted a top 25 Law School and was pretty much unwilling to budge from that no matter what I said to enlighten him about other possibilities. He got into one, but part time, so decided to wait a year and retake the LSAT. In 2006, he got into the same school but full time and chose that school over others closer to his home that offered him generous scholarships. And, today, he is a first semester 1L at the “top” school.

So this is where it gets interesting.

I got a phone call this week.
Ann!” (I knew immediately who it was by the way, but asked just to be sure). “Do you remember 2 years ago you said to me, “US News’ Top 25 isn’t necessarily [Sam’s] Top 25?”

That part I didn’t remember, but it sounds like something I would say.

Well, I’m here full time at this ‘top’ law school and I’m calling to say you were right and I’m withdrawing. I called [my hometown] law school and they said they’d still offer me the scholarship if I apply for Fall 2008. That’s my new strategy! I don’t want to be in debt to impress everyone else with what law school I went to. I finally woke up!”

So, I was pretty proud of him. I was excited he called to share his news with me. And I was happy with the change I noticed in him. Sam’s decision wouldn’t be right for everyone, but considering his goals, ties to home, and absolutely hatred of the idea of taking on any debt whatsoever, he felt this was the right option for him.

P.S. Sorry I didn’t post very much this week. I was bogged down in personal statements and applications before November 1st early decision/early action deadlines. I work hard to turn things around in 24 hours for my clients. I apologize to my blog readers for the delay.

P.P.S. Thank you to all of my readers – I started this blog in July and -3 months later- I have 5,000 readers each month!!! Thank you also for all of your e-mails and comments. I’ve enjoyed getting to know (and helping) so many of you!

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