No October LSAT Scores? Badly Done, LSAC!

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I’m upset that LSAT scores haven’t been released, and not just because I predicted they would be out by now and I hate to be wrong. I’m upset because law school applicants are at a disadvantage in two concrete ways by not having their October 2012 LSAT scores yet:

First, many schools have Early Action and Early Decision Deadlines on November 1st. Now, with Hurricane Sandy’s approach, LSAT scores may not be out in time for applicants to meet this deadlines. One of the reasons to take the LSAT in October is to be prepared to meet these deadlines! Perhaps law schools (desperate for applications) will respond accordingly and choose to extend these deadlines.

Second, today is the last day to register to take the December LSAT. People who are not sure whether they should re-take the LSAT are therefore at a loss – do they register for the December LSAT – potentially wasting money – or wait and do the late registration and risk not having a seat at the testing center they desire and, essentially, wasting more money?

October LSAT takers, I feel for you! Just remember that everyone is in the same boat here, and hopefully LSAT scores will come out before the announced date.

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    1. Thanks, Devin, for the helpful update! I think LSAC and law schools will be flexible about deadlines. This has been a weird week!

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