No LSAT Advice Today; Just Life Advice

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Just wanted to wish all October LSAT takers good luck.
No LSAT advice today, just life and coping advice:

1. Put away all of your study materials. Find a remote corner and cover them with a blanket. Don’t look at them. Don’t be tempted to look at them.

2. Stay away from discussion Forums. This advice is good for tomorrow and Sunday as well.

3. Don’t talk to anyone during test breaks. Especially not about the test.

4. Eat, and prepare to spend an hour before the test even starts listening to inane instructions.

5. Don’t let anything or anyone psych you out. I always sat in the front for classes (yes, I was that student) but in a back corner for exams. (Proctors are a noisy and inconsiderate bunch).

Last piece of pre-LSAT advice: Instead of thinking of tomorrow as the day that seals your fate (ala Yom Kippur), think of it as a chance to show your hard work, preparation, and abilities. Think of LSAT day as the day you really move the application process forward and commit to reaching your goals.

Good luck!

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  1. Hello, I am wondering what you think my chances are of being accepted into law school? I graduated from a small private school in with a 2.8 UGPA in 1998. I also have an MBA with a 3.6 GPA that I received in 2000. I just took the LSAT (Oct. 4) so I dont know my score yet; however my practice tests always yielded a score between 141 and 145. I am a minority (Afr/Amer) who has overcome some obstacles as a first generation college graduate and have worked professionally for 7 years since grad school. I have been a certified sports agent and have also done medical sales among other things. I REALLY would like to start law school in Aug. 2009. Please give me some feedback.

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