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Law schools are finding creative ways to make it hard on students who hope to transfer after the first year of law schools. See this post on Blackbook Legal.

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  1. Lacey on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I am a part-time student at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles. I just finished my 1L year and I would like to transfer to either UT, Baylor, or St. Marys in Texas. My husbands job wants to relocate him to Austin. I’m having a hard time finding any real solid information for part-time students to transfer to a full-time program. Do you know how difficult this process could be. I know I will have to complete my second year in order to be eligible to transfer.

    I finished 1L with a 3.83 GPA. Ideally, I would love to go to UT but know it is hard to get into especially coming from a much lower ranked school.

  2. I am currently a cooley law student. I have a 3.75 GPA and I am ranked in the top 6% of my class. I want to transfer but the only problem is I can only transfer for the January term. I’m too late to transfer for the fall term, and unwilling to wait a whole year. MSU has accepted me, but I want to transfer to a better school. What are my chances of being accepted to Georgetown?

  3. Hi Ann!
    I am a 1L at a T4 school and am looking to transfer to T3 and T2 schools. My first semester gpa is 3.599. Do you think I have a shot at a school like BC or Northeastern and is early action worth it or should I look to get my gpa to a 3.7 for second semester?

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Thank you!


  4. Dear Ann,

    I am considering transferring from University of Maryland School of Law to Florida International College of Law. This is not to upgrade or downgrade schools. I am primarily interested in this because I am interested in practicing in south Florida, I do not feel safe/comfortable here in Baltimore, the cost of living plus tuition will have me buried in debt here — primary concern! (though I am considered out of state in both cases as I am from NY). US News ranks UMB Law as a T1 school but other ranking sources say otherwise. At this point, I am less concerned about rank, more concerned about job prospects and overall well-being (debt). I am most interested in environmental law and do not want to be tied to taking a job I will not want due to debts.

    Please share your insight as I have read a substantial amount on transferring thus far and feel stuck.

  5. Elizabeth on said:

    Dear Ann,

    My husband applied to UF Law as an incoming 1L and didn’t get in, probably because of an LSAT score in the low 150s (his UGPA was at the median). He’s currently a first semester 2L at another T4 school in Florida, but the kids and I still live in the same town as UF. He as a 1L ranking of 30 (out of 163), is in the top 18% of his class, has a book award for Torts I, graded on to a journal, is serving as a merit-based teaching assistant, and very strong letters of recommendations from several people including his LWR professor, a law librarian at his T4 institution (who’s a UF Law grad), and the managing attorney from his full-time summer volunteering (also a UF Law grad). His transfer statement addressed what classes and opportunities he’d be interested in at UF Law as well as his personal/family reasons for wanting to transfer (basically the fact that his family lives there and he wants to practice in that community). What do you think his chances are of getting accepted to UF Law for the spring of 2018?

  6. Hi Ann,

    I hope this post doesn’t sound whiny, but here goes. I’m currently in a position where I have a 3.44 GPA and 167 LSAT straight out of college. My current plan is to apply ED to Texas to get the resident discount, and then, if I do well, transfer up into the T14. I am from New York City and want to return. Ideally, I’ll love UT and do well enough where I don’t need to transfer, but I want your opinion on whether transferring from UT into the rest of the T14 is a possibility, and if so, how high I can reasonably go.

  7. Hello, I am a prospective student with a low gpa and mediocore lsat. (2.5 and a 155). I was a full time student and started my own remodeling company to get through undergrad debt free, which lead to a divded and intrusive schedule which caused the low gpa. I am submitting this question to you because I was accepted to vermont, my second choice and received a letter from my first choice and what I thought was an attainable goal Gonzaga saying to apply for transfer after being admitted to a law school. I have also applied to Quinnipiac Hawaii and Willamette(which after the response from Gonzaga I am begining to lose hope in getting in a better program than vermont to start)

    My question concerns Gonzaga’s comment to apply as a transfer. If and its a big if, although my intentions and drive are their to be in top 10% of my class at Vermont. If i achieve that, what are my chances to apply as a transfer to a top 100 program or maybe even into the top 80?

    Should I wait and up my lsat score? it was only my second attempt and I am confident I can get at least a few points more my practice tests were all in the high 160’s or should I go to vermont and try to transfer up. I am an emacipated minor and first person I know to make it through undergrad so my connections and people to ask for advice are minimal.

    I would love to give myself the best starting point to achieve my goal of becoming a JAG officer which from my research does not place much importance on which school was attended but I am sure that a better school will not hurt me.

  8. Howard on said:

    Hi Ann. Your Q&A is very helpful. My son just completed his 1L year at Stetson. He ended up with a 2.25 gpa. They have a 2.5 minimum requirement, so the school told him he is out. His appeal was denied. I understand the ABA/ranking/bar passage issues, but this seems so close I was surprised. My question: if he wants to try elsewhere, would a school like Barry be interested in him as a transfer? Or would he be wasting time? Thank you for your thoughts.

  9. Hi, I’m a rising 2L and have a 2.5 for my 1L year at a T2 school in the Midwest (rank 124/134). I have a 159 LSAT score and am 35 years old with many years in between law school and my undergraduate. I went to UW-Madison for my undergraduate with a BBA in Finance. What are my chances of transferring to a T1 school? I’m thinking of schools like BU, BC, Emory, and Wisconsin. Should I pocket the application fees for a rainy day?

  10. JL

    Hey, Ann. I’m currently going to a law school in Midwest that ranks somewhere between 25-30. I came to this school because they offered me a full-ride but I don’t think I’m fitting in Midwest very well. So this made me want to transfer to a school located in a more liberal area. I got my grade from the first semester and it’s not really great (3.3). Do you think I still have a shot for transferring to a school within T14, if I get straight A from this semester?

    I’d just like to have your realistic advice. Thanks.

  11. Megan Lee on said:

    Hey, Ann, I’m going to a law school in Midwest that ranks somewhere 25-30.

    I got my grade back from the first semester and It’s not that great (3.3). If I get straight A from this semester, do you think I will have a shot for transferring to a school ranks within in T14?

    Thank you for your time.

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