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Another new LSAT Prep Option Online

You’ve heard me mention a lot about LSAT Prep options, and I always like to be ahead of the curve about the newest choices.

Today Blueprint Test Preparation announced the arrival of its newest online LSAT preparatory course—Blueprint:  The Movie 2.0.  Version 2.0 constitutes an update of their original movie course from 2008 and includes several new features.

Feature number one is that it’s animated:  a professional team of animators has illustrated the entire course.  The theory is that the animation maintains student interest while illustrating confusing concepts.

Feature number two is that the online course is even more hilarious than ever (so sayeth Blueprint founder and brownie aficionado Jodi Triplett).  “While it’s not stand-up, it’s probably the closest thing in test prep to pure comedy” she remarked while nibbling on a macadamia fudge brownie bite.  “With our 10-point average score increase, we proved in our live classes LSAT study can be rigorous and fun.  We’re confident that the Movie 2.0 will do the same for online LSAT prep.”

Blueprint co-founder and featured instructor Trent Teti demonstrates the Blueprint teaching methodology and humor with an excerpt from the course about reading comprehension:

Blueprint:  The Movie 2.0 is approximately 20 hours longer than its predecessor and, delivered in high definition streaming video, much clearer to watch.  The only thing that hasn’t changed about the movie course is its price.  Trent Teti explained that the company wanted to keep the course cost the same in light of the sluggish economy.  “Though $799 is a fair amount of money, it’s still a great option compared to other online courses that can cost over $1,000.”

Check out additional samples of Blueprint:  The Movie 2.0 or go to the website at to learn more.

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