LSAT Trends and Truisms: New Podcast!

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Today was a lot of fun – my Blog Talk Radio Show  “LSAT TRENDS AND TRUISMS” featured three great guys:

Noah from Atlas, Brad from Knewton, and Michael from EduPath.

Our 45 minute discussion was lively and, I admit, a little unpredictable. We discussed some unexpected benefits of online LSAT courses, how to use LSAT related video-style games and iPad apps to supplement your LSAT preparation, and the various price points for each. There is something for everyone! We also talked about what you can do in the next 7 weeks to best prepare yourself for the October LSAT and maximize your chances of reaching a goal score. The conclusion of the show (about how much it’s really possible to improve your LSAT score in 7 weeks) may surprise you!

I look forward to your feedback, and I thank the guys for their enthusiastic participation. If you have any questions about the content, post it in a comment here and I’ll ask the guys to provide responses.

Also, you may have seen this week’s US News Get In: Law School column about law school resumes. If the last two posts have been too “nuts and bolts” for you, just wait for Monday. I have a feeling that my opinionated take on who should really be applying to law school will garner some interesting comments on the blogosphere.

Have a great weekend! I’m headed to Chicago to spend time with family and enjoy the last vestiges of summer. I hope you’ll do the same.

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