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This is your opportunity to ask questions that you’d like answered by the CEOs of LSAT test prep companies and AtlasLSAT. What do you want to know about LSAT Prep? The difference between prep options? The training of instructors? Whether they use real LSAT questions, and why or why not? This is your chance to ask!

Simply leave your questions as comments to this post and I’ll compile them in the next couple of days. I will ask as many of these questions as possible during next week’s Law School Expert Blog Talk Radio Show.

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  1. Which order do you study the three sections of the test? Is there a natural progression or can one start with any of the three areas?

  2. Hi Ann,

    I had posted this to a blog that you no longer use, please take a look, thanks!
    I am considering spending a portion of my personal writing about my DUI. It was life changing experience that shifted me from self interest, pretension and carelessness to a mindset where personal responsibility=civic responsibility, accepting consequences and learning from mistakes. The experience was truly shaping, but is it crazy/stupid to talk about myself committing a crime? Please advise…

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