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LSAC has announced the dates and locations of its 2008 Law School Forums.

Here is a previous posting about the value of attending LSAC’s law school forums.

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  1. Should an applicant make an effort to introduce himself/herself by name to an admissions officer?

    Is there an actual admissions benefit to this?

    (Besides learning more about the school, etc.)

  2. Yes! I used to make little plus (or minus) marks by people’s names/on the cards they’d fill out. If someone was particularly excited about my school, had a great LSAT/ GPA or something remarkable in their record, then I absolutely made a note of it. Likewise, if someone annoyed me, talked for too long, was giving off “crazy” signals, etc., I made a note of that as well.
    Also, if you introduce yourself by name, you might get an application fee waiver….

  3. So it can help an applicant by introducing him/herself.

    What are your top three questions to ask an admissions officer?

  4. If I gave you that on the blog, then 6000 law school applicants would all be asking the same questions and you sure wouldn’t be likely to stand out from the crowd : )
    The important thing is to figure out what’s important to you and find out if the law school has it. Use it as a way to tie in your previous experiences.

  5. ANN!

    Could you give us a brief explanation of what exactly to expect at the forums?

    I’m deciding on whether to go!

  6. Basically, representatives from 200 law schools stand behind tables and give out materials and answer questions. It’s a lot like a job fair. If you have specific schools that interest you that you won’t be able to travel to later in the cycle, seek them out at the forum. If you have no idea what interests you, definitely go and talk to as many schools as possible.
    If you already have an LSAT score, you may find yourself picking up application fee waivers. It can absolutely be worthwhile.

  7. You mentioned fee waivers…

    If we do not qualify based on our financial situation,

    what is the best way to approach schools for fee waivers based upon an excellent LSAT score for that school?

  8. It’s easy – just ask. Say, I’m really interested in your school but I don’t have a lot of room in my application budget. Given my credentials, is there any way I can apply for a fee waiver?

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