Lower Law School Tuition? For Real?

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preLaw Magazine reported that tuition is dropping at some law schools.

This made me feel good – not just for the obvious reason that law schools (or at least a small handful) are thinking about affordability for their students, but because it reminded me of something. “Wait,” I thought to myself, “Didn’t I suggest this a while back?” So, I went to my blog and searched, and – sure enough – in 2011, I wrote a brief (but I hope insistent) article geared toward the law schools, urging them to lower tuition: “Lower Law School Tuition in Our Future?”

One of my suggestions was to cut down staffing at schools, and – lo and behold – preLaw Magazine (in its “Back to School 2013” edition) has a headline on page 8 saying “Smaller enrollments leading to smaller staffing.” And, of course, there is some overlap between the schools mentioned in their first article (about lower tuition) and the second (about cutting staff).

For more information on this “trend” (or at least for ideas to help make it a “trend” rather than a rare headline-worthy case here and there), see: “A Trend in the Making: Falling Law School Tuition? Let’s Make it Happen, People!”

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