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In the first week of its release, “The Law School Admission Game, Second Edition” has soared to the top of the best seller list on Amazon.com!

Once the decision has been made to attend law school, my mission is to help simplify the process, assist applicants in putting together the strongest presentation of themselves, and provide support and instill confidence to apply to top targeted schools and to have scholarship offers that will lessen law school loan debt.

In the new book I answers questions about:

  • Applying through the LSAC System: how to navigate the forms and procedures
  • Choosing a Law School: building a schools list and deciding where to apply
  • Taking the LSAT: when to take it and how to prepare for it
  • Negotiating Scholarships: appropriate and impactful ways to interact with law schools
  • Waiting Lists: why it’s not a rejection, but a huge opportunity
  • Transferring Law Schools: when it’s worth doing and what matters in your application

The following posts reveal excerpts from the book:

If you are applying to law school and don’t have the updated, revised, and expanded (and now best selling!) version of “The Law School Admission Game”, order it on Amazon.com today! (Available in print, Kindle and audio.)

Thank you to everyone who helped it reach the top!

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  1. Hello! Well i signed up for the October LSAT my reason is because i have been working on my grade as my 1st year was horrible but i am now close to a 3.2GPA.
    My question is should i sign up for ED? Recommended? I’ll probably have a 3.3~3.4 GPA by then and I’m a URM

    My law school goals are Harvard/Yale (Dream schools i doubt ill get in though >< )
    Coulmbia U. , NYU, Fordham U

    Should i do ED after i HOPEFULLY smash my LSATS? Or should i wait at the end of my fall semester to have a better GPA to send in??

    Any advice? 🙂

  2. Ann,
    I decided to go for a MA degree before applying to Law School. My UGPA was 2.7 but my MA degree has me at a 3.7 and graduating Magna Cum Laude. Does this make a difference when law schools are reviewing my application?

  3. Hello,

    I have a question regarding URM admissions. How important are softs in URM admission? I have a few softs, namely a prestigious fellowship (Fulbright, Watson, or Marshall) and work experience for a government agency.


  4. I understand you wrote about 5 mistakes made when reapplying to law school. I choose to do a paralegal program instead of working at a restaurant to ” not waste my time ” and get a better understanding of the legal field. I know that law schools only take into consideration undergrad score. However if I did well in the program and graduated with honors. I don’t see how that can only help my application . I am “reusing my personal statement but rewriting it in a different way by choosing another point of view using the same subject. I spoke of my fondness of math in high school and how it gave me the ability to develop these characteristics and qualities one would find notable. Such as leadership, extroverted, creative etc. When I got to college I struggled in math I only took the courses because I loved math. Id rather be challenge than skim by taking Poli sci and i struggled through calc 2-proof writing classes. But i did it because determined . Even though my grades were low. I didnt want to give up on something I loved. I knew it could apply to the law field . I have a 3.09 gpa and a 146 lsat score. Would I have a chance of getting into PACE LAW? I went to hofstra undergrad. Even syracuse , buffalo, loyola new orleans, new york law school?

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