Learning the Rules of the Law School Admission Game – Webinar Series for Fall 2011 Applicants!

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I am really excited to announce my new Webinar series, a Bootcamp for Law School Applicants, “Learning the Rules of the Law School Admission Game.” If you are applying for the Fall 2011 law school application cycle, here’s a great way to start things off on the right foot!

The program consists of 10 one-hour webinars starting the first week of March. The subjects are designed to take you give you information exactly when you need it, so you know what to work on in what order. You will feel less overwhelmed and armed with confidence as you start the law school admission process.

Here are the planned topics:

WORKSHOP 1: Setting Up Your Timeline and To-Do List

WORKSHOP 2: Building a Stellar Resume

WORKSHOP 3: Everything & Everything about Letters of Recommendation

WORKSHOP 4: When and How to Explain Weaknesses (Addenda)

WORKSHOP 5: Law School Personal Statements I (Coming up with Ideas/Brainstorming)

WORKSHOP 6: Law School Personal Statements II (Execution/Do’s and Don’ts)

WORKSHOP 7: Diversity Statements and Optional Essays (Whether, When and How to Write Them)

WORKSHOP 8: Choosing Schools Wisely (Where to Apply)

WORKSHOP 9: Application Tips & Tricks

WORKSHOP 10: Decision Making (The Waiting Game, Holds, Waitlists & Scholarships)

You will leave each session with concrete tips and strategies to implement in your law school applications and you will feel armed with expert advice. All content will be created and presented by me. However, so that I can answer questions, each  online workshop is limited to 50 participants, with lots of time for Q&A on the day’s subject. I will offer them in the evenings, but if you can’t make the scheduled time you’ll be able to access the recording at your own convenience. Each Webinar will come with a handout that you can save and/or print for later reference.

You can sign up for one or for all ten:

Buy one workshop: $60

Buy any three workshops and the price drops to $55 each (total $165)

Buy any six workshops and the price drops to $50 each ($300)

Buy all ten workshops for a HUGE savings at $45 each ($450)

I can only take 50 people for each session and the preference goes to those who are purchasing the whole series. Official sign-ups will begin in a week, but I am offering my blog readers a chance to reserve a place on the list simply by emailing me at lawschoolexpert at gmail dot com. Tell me your name, email address, phone number, and which sessions you hope to attend. I will contact you next week with sign up information before sign-ups go live on my website.

Please feel free to ask questions in the comment section of this post in case there’s anything I forgot to mention. My webinars last fall for MSU Law School brought in 200 people and got great twitter coverage and I’m so excited to build upon this to help law school applicants in new and different ways. I really look forward to your feedback!

2 Responses

  1. Hi Ms. Levine –
    I want to apply to law school for the fall semester and now? finally? found a website and guidance like yours. Is it too late to join in the webinar series? I mean, I’m certain I’d gain value from those that remain, but I’m wondering what I’ve missed? And perhaps the timeline has passed to still make fall admissions decisions with law schools?

    Your thoughts? I really appreciate your time, expertise, and guidance.

    Sara Hall
    Centre College, Class of 2011

    1. Hi Sarah,
      The webinar series isn’t available right now, but you should listen to my podcasts (see the Blog Talk Radio widget on this blog and on my website). They are free and I think you’ll really find them to be informative. I think it’s way too late to be applying to be starting law school this fall. You are much better off applying early this fall for Fall 2012.

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